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Kathy Hedgspeth
Animal Communicator

Kathy has always loved animals.  As a child when her sister put up posters of teen stars she put up pictures of cats, dogs, and horses.  Her best friend growing up was their dog Sugar (a white English Setter mix) which they had since she was 4 years old until she was 20.  After many years in the corporate world she took a break and decided to work with animals.  She has been an Animal Communicator since 2017. She lives with her husband Will and, their 2 German Shepherds, Kai and Haley along with their cats Ozzie and Bob.

Kathy's Tips
Kathy's Tips

Animal communication helps you to understand your animals so you can live in harmony together. During a session, I converse with you and the animal to help you:


  • understand what is going on in their mind and heart

  • gain answers to questions that can impact their health and life

  • work with the animal to solve the problem 

Would you like to try talking to your pet?

Instead of verbally talking to them like I know everyone does try this. Focus on the animal and give them a mental picture of what you would like them to do.

For instance if you have a dog and you want it to settle down, project a mental image of the dog laying down and relaxing. Think of it as a cartoon bubble and put the image in the bubble and mentally send it to the animal along with the feeling that you are wanting to project. In this case the dog laying down and feeling relaxed.


I recently scheduled a consultation with Kathy to locate my missing kitten. Oreo had been missing for 2 weeks and I wanted to know if she was still alive. Kathy connected with Oreo, and said she is still alive. She remember her fur brother and sister, and my son and I. Oreo missed us and to keep looking because she couldn’t find her way back home. 5 days later I got a phone call from someone that said they may have our Oreo. Now she is back home safe and we couldn’t be happier. Kathy was right on the money as to the detail she provided about where Oreo was. The energy was extremely high in my area and I had no doubt our fur baby would come home. 

Thank you Kathy. You are a beautiful soul❤️

Carlee S, IL

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