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Kathy Hedgspeth

I was first drawn to this work when I used an animal communicator for my cat who was having issues. It inspired me and later took all the classes from the woman who was teaching animal communication. She helped me learn that I could not only communicate with living animals but those who have transitioned as well.

I was contemplating taking the final Advanced Communication Course and went to bed that night with it on my mind. In my dream the following morning I made the decision to take it. When I did I felt hundreds of lights buzzing about inside my brain, this woke me up. Then it seemed like all sorts of animals wanted to talk to me at once (it was 3am). Their faces kept swirling into my third eye. I tried to listen to them and experience it but there were so many at one time! But they listened when I told them that I needed my sleep and they would have a chance later!

Now that I have committed to my work as an Animal Communicator I feel more connected to everything and everyone. But I am not done on my journey of learning! I try to keep on learning different modalities and now I am taking courses in Psychic Mediumship and how to work with a pendulum. 

I offer a Soul-To-Soul Connection

with your animal companions still in this world or who have passed.


Session Pricing is $125 per reading

    How it Works

 Email me a picture of the animal and a list of questions you want to ask along with any concerns 24 hours before the appointment.   

    I will connect with your animal companion before the appointment and will go over the information I received during our appointment.

I can either give you a call or setup a zoom meeting.

Contact me for a session or for more information at


To schedule an appointment:

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